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In Game of Life2, you must choose between making different types of cells, each with their own job, to score as many points as possible. Harvesters will give you points to make more cells, Farmers will occasionally make food which causes cells to live longer and have a temporary increase in efficiency, and Defenders protect your cells from being eaten by enemies.


This game was made for the LowRezJam. The challenge was to make a game with the size of 64 pixels by 64 pixels, but I took it a step further and went with only 32 pixels by 32 pixels. At times, it was a struggle - no actually, most of the time it was a struggle. The hardest part, in my opinion, was getting text to fit and still be readable, although I think in the end it came out alright!


Change speed of the game by scrolling. Slow it down to give yourself time to think or speed it up to avoid waiting.

Place cells on the grid with the left mouse button. You can see what kind of cell you're going to place and how much it will cost in the preview on the right.

Remove cells on the grid with the right mouse button. You will only remove the cell that's selected in the preview on the right. When you remove a cell, you will always get 5 Points back regardless

Switch what cell you want to create or remove with the arrows in the preview on the right. There are three types to choose from and they're all explained before you start.


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wat da heck is this pixel this is CRAZY!!