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(changelog dates are in day/month/year format)

1.0 (6/4/15):
+ Initial version
+ Exporting ability
+ Up to 3 characters per player
+ Customizable player names

1.1 (7/4/15):
+ Application now has a custom icon
+ Customizable background
+ Customizable nameplates
+ Up to 5 characters per player
+ Customizable player name text size
+ Move and resize Smash Bros logo
+ You can now save projects in a .stn file to work on later
+ You can open .stn files to edit them
+ Info added to application menu
+ Export button moved to application menu
* New, Save, Open, Export, Quit, and Info menu options now have icons
* Tabs have divided the editor's options

1.2 (7/4/15):
+ Application's Zip is now separate from the Portraits' Zip
+ "Custom Images" tab
* "Names/Imgs" tab has been renamed "Background/Names" tab
* "Smash Bros Logo" options have been renamed "Image 1" options and moved to the "Custom Images" tab
+ "Image 1" can now be changed
+ "Image 1" can now be rotated
* The max font size for player names has been increased to 72
+ Nameplates can now be moved
+ An option has been added to disable the flipping of player 2's nameplate image
+ Names can now be offset from their nameplates
+ Names' color can be changed
+ Four options have been added for names' fonts being italic, bold, underlined, and struckthrough
+ Application height has been increased by 24px to fit more tabs
+ Application now will automatically open "Default.stn" located in the same folder as the application on launch

Example Images:


Thanks to Random Talking Bush on Spriters Resource for ripping the portrait files.

Install instructions

Download the Exe, default images, and Image Pack 1 and move them all into a folder, then extract Image Pack 1 to the same folder.

Once a thumbnail has been exported it must be finalized by putting it through an image converter like this one even if it's in the same format already. If it's not converted, YouTube will show it as a black square


Thumbnail Generator.exe 2 MB
Default Background 113 kB
Default Nameplate 3 kB
Image Pack 1 62 MB
Thumbnail Generator.mfa 319 kB