A downloadable game

Game for Ludum Dare 32! Made in 48 Hours ;D

Ludum Dare entry

Get your comic sans typeface ready, people.

You'll be given 3 randomly selected items to choose from as a weapon. How many waves of enemies can you survive? They'll get stronger every round!


Arrow Keys (Editable in File-> Players): Move

Shift (Editable in File-> Players): Jump

Scroll mouse: Swing weapon

Right Click: Throw weapon

You can either play with or without Bewbs. They're disabled by default but you can turn them on by switching the ini file out for a second one I made.

Finally, yes; I intentionally spelled it Collosseum. Why? Historians argue that the colosseum was NOT like this, so to counter this argument, spell it differently.

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then run Application.exe to play!

You must put the source code in the same folder as the rest of the game for editing to properly work.

If you want to play with the "Bewbs" item, download the ini for it (third file) and put it in the main folder then rename it from "Weapons - With Bewbs.ini" to "Weapons.ini"


Colloseum.zip 18 MB
Application.mfa 8 MB
Weapons - With Bewbs.ini 3 kB